Time Resolved Membrane-Inlet Mass
 Spectrometer (TR MIMS)

for simultaneous measurements of oxygen
(mass 32, 34, 36), argon (mass 36, 40)
 and carbon dioxide (mass 44, 46, 48)or
 hydrogen (mass 2, 3, 4)

(1 J/pulse, 532 nm) for illumination of highly concentrated PSII samples

Joliot-type bar platinum electrode

 for flash-induced oxygen yield measurements

Clark-type oxygen electrode 
for the measurements of oxygen-evolving activity
ESI TOF mass sepectrometer (Bruker)
Frequency Doubled Nd/YAG laser

Combined with a fast mixing device (based on syringe pumps) for the study of water-exchange reactions.

Cw X-band EPR spectrometer (Bruker)

For the Study the electronic structure of radicals and transition metal complexes in biological (photosynthetic) or synthetic samples

Fast field cycling NMR relaxometer

For Studying water binding within water oxidizing complex of photosystem II