Sergey Koroidov
PhD student

B.Sc/M.Sc Environmental engineering, Moscow state technical
Engineer at ETEK, water cleaning company (2005-2009)
Home town: Kaluga, Russia


My Ph.D project include testing of water splitting activity of various synthetic catalyst and studying water binding to synthetic Mn  complexes of different nuclearity, ligation and oxidation states. Another ascpect is addressing the role of hydrogen carbonate (HCO 3 - ) in water splitting mechanisms of photosystem II (PSII), since despite numerous indications for the requirement of HCO 3 - for maximal activity and stability of oxygen evolving complex (OEC) of PSII its function in photosynthetic water oxidation remains controversial. I am employing mainly time-resoled mass spectrometry (MS) techniques to address these questions. The O 2 activity and HCO 3 - measurements are performed with a membrane-inlet isotope ratio MS, while the water exchange on models is measured employing an ESI-TOF MS.