Yong-Qi Liang
Post-doctoral researcher
2009-2012: Post-doctoral researcher, University of Wyoming (USA, Prof. Bruce Parkinson group)
2005-2009: Post-doctoral researcher, Delft University of Technology (Netherlands, Dr. Roel van de Krol group)
2000-2005: PhD in chemistry, Peking University (China, Prof. Dongsheng Xu group)

Home town: Shangcai, Henan, China

My research interests are mainly on solar energy conversion, from the perspectives of materials and catalysis. Solar fuel production with artificial leaves is the topic for me in the Messinger research group at Umeå University. The light harvesting components and the catalysts for the evolution of both hydrogen and oxygen will be integrated into a device to serve as the platform for optimization. Research insights from the oxygen-evolving center (OEC) inside photosystem II will be specially applied to artificial leaf to increase the device efficiency. Photoelectrochemical characterization will be focused to characterize the materials and the catalysts