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SNOWMAN - MCA - Survey


Download the survey here


The aim of this survey is to collect input on how to consider Soil Functions and Services in Sustainable Remediation.


If completing the survey as a PDF form, save the form after completion and send the resulting file by e-mail to:snowmanmca_bfft@sendtodropbox.com

If completing the survey on paper, please send the result by fax or regular mail to:
Magnus Bergknut
Umeċ University
Department of Chemistry
Linneaus v.
SE-90187 Umeċ
Fax:     +46 90 7867655


The results of the survey will be presented at the International workshop on Sustainable remediation and soil functions and services organized by the SNOWMAN-MCA project in Stockholm, Sweden, on the 19 of May 2011. Please go to: http://project.chem.umu.se/snowman/?Workshop further information, and contact SNOWMAN-MCA project coordinator Magnus Bergknut, magnus.bergknut@chem.umu.se, for registration.


This survey is carried out by the SNOWMAN-MCA project, which includes partners from the Soil remediation Center North (MCN) at Umeċ University, Sweden, the Forum for Risk Investigation and Soil Treatment (FRIST) at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt), Austria. Funding is provided by the EU knowledge network for healthy soils, SNOWMAN (http://www.snowmannetwork.com). Further information about the SNOWMAN-MCA project may be found on the homepage http://project.chem.umu.se/snowman/.
Multi-criteria analysis (MCA) has repeatedly been suggested for evaluating sustainable remediation but practical applications are still rare. The overall objective of the SNOWMAN-MCA project is to develop a procedure for MCA which can be practically applied for sustainability appraisal of remediation alternatives. The envisaged procedure is likely to be influenced to a great extent by the Soil Functions listed by the European Commission (COM(2006) 232). In this survey, we hope to collect input on how to consider Soil Functions and Services in Sustainable Remediation from academia, stakeholders, and policy makers.


Download the survey here

For further questions, please contact magnus.bergknut@chem.umu.se