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SNOWMAN - MCA - Workshop
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International workshop on Sustainable remediation and soil functions and services, 09.30‐16.30 hrs, 19 of May 2011, Stockholm, Sweden.

Please join us for up to date presentations and interesting discussions on different aspects of sustainable remediation and soil functions and services. We encourage input from all sectors, including academia, policy and industry.


Prof. Lars Rosén
, Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
The SNOWMAN-MCA project : Multi-criteria analysis for identifying sustainable remediation alternatives with focus on soil functions.
Prof. Paul Bardos
, r3 Environmental Technology Ltd (UK)
The SuRF-UK Sustainable Remediation Framework.
Jos Brils,
Deltares (Netherlands)
Soil system services in relation to risk based land management.
Stéphane Vaxelaire
, BRGM (France)
The SOLENV project: Integrating treatment process impacts and soil quality changes

in the environmental assessment of brownfield and groundwater cleanup projects.

Additional information:
  • A limited number (1-2) of extra presentations are invited. Please submit suggestions to the e-mail address given below.
  • Please notice the associated survey which will be part of the workshop: http://project.chem.umu.se/snowman/?Survey
  • Workshop fee (includes coffee/tea and lunch): 85€. Optional dinner on the 19th may be arranged given sufficient interest. Estimated cost: 35€.
  • Suggested hotels within 10 min walk from venue: First Hotel Amaranten, Nordic Light, and Scandic Continental Stockholm. Hotels at Arlanda may be convenient for those flying in/out. Please make sure to make hotel reservations promptly!
  • More information about the venue can be found at: www.piperskamuren.se/en/find.html

Please contact SNOWMAN-MCA project coordinator Magnus Bergknut, magnus.bergknut@chem.umu.se, for further information, survey, registration, and dinner reservation.